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Jacques-L?onard Maillet (12 July 1823 – 14 February 1894) was a French educational sculptor of moderate reputation, whose designs were of neoclassical and biblical creativity; his general population commissions were in large part for the programs of attractive architectural sculpture required by the grandiose people works programs feature of the next Empire, including commemorative portraits of French culture heroes. He also provided models for goldsmith’s work.
Maillet was created in Paris, the kid of any menuisier, or carver of furniture and panelling, of the working-class area, the Faubourg Saint-Antoine.
His first training have been in a pulling university in the Faubourg Saint-Antoine, before he came into the ?cole des Beaux-Arts at age seventeen, 1 Oct 1840. There he analyzed with Jean-Jacques Feuch?re, the heir of Pierre-Philippe Thomire Napoleon’s formal machine of bronzes d’ameublement being successful a second award in the Prix de Rome, 1841. Then he analyzed under Adam Pradier, where he soaked up Pradier’s style, incorporating a neoclassical treatment with sentimental subject material and a flavour for genre, but developed a reputation for overconfident laziness.
In 1847 he received the leading grand prix de Rome on the given subject matter, Telemachus bringing back again to Phalantes the ashes of Hippias and put in four years as a pensionnaire at the People from france Academy in Rome, that was the entrance to every general population profession in sculpture in nineteenth-century France. A notice of Gustave Flaubert documents the welcome expanded to him and Maxime Du Camp.
He was also considering the technical areas of art, and developed a polychroming process for mass-produced items.
In 1851, he delivered to France, where he wedded Adrienne D?sir?e Vare, 31 Dec 1856; that they had three daughters before separating; Mme Maillet increased her ladies at Pr?cy-sur-Oise. After her loss of life, Maillet hitched the poet Jenny Grimault Touzin, already too sick to be changed from her domicile. At his loss of life, 2 yrs later, he was buried in the P?re Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, without monument to draw the site.

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